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PM IT Solution is leading one of the best digital marketing institutes in Jaipur. Providing the professional digital marketing course in Jaipur, our course content includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. We cover all topics practically and provide 13+ industry-oriented digital marketing certificates.

We have top digital marketing industry experts/trainers, We provide live project-based practical classes and focus on each and every student, Our digital marketing classes available online and offline, You can join any class according to you. And grow your career and business by learning a digital marketing course in Jaipur at PM IT Solution Training Academy.

Digital Marketing Course Structure

Digital Marketing Overview

What is marketing?, How we do Marketing?, What is Digital Marketing?, Benefits of Digital Marketing, Digital marketing platforms and Strategies, etc.

Keyword Research

Head keyword, Seed Keywords, Long Tail Keywords, Keyword Strategy, Keywords Research Tools, Placements of Keywords, etc.


WWW ❖ Domains ❖ Find Domain Registrar, find a domain name & strategy, Domain Validity, Renewal, Transfer, redirection, Whois, etc.

Local SEO

Create a Google My Business Account, Optimize for Voice Search, Brands carried, Categories, Additional media, Description, Tagline, post, etc.


Web Hosting, Windows v/s Linux, (Plesk, C Panel, Country based server, Email with hosting, Manage Files with Hosting, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

On-Page SEO. off-page SEO, Fundamental On-page Factors, Website Speed Content Optimization, Sitemap, robots.txt, link building, Links Analysis Tools, etc.

Website Designing

One Page Website Strategic, WordPress website setup, Design of Home Page Strategic, Design of Products & Services Page Strategic, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Facebook & Instagram paid marketing, etc

Google Ads

Understand Google AdWords, keyword match types, Ad Auction & Bidding affects, Keyword research process, Using Ad Extensions, etc.

Youtube Marketing

Creating a YouTube Brand Account, Optimize your videos, Create a standout thumbnail, Try YouTube advertising, YouTube marketing tools, Music & Sound Effects, etc.

Ecommerce Marketing

Tips for eCommerce Marketing, ADD REVIEWS AND RATINGS, Pay-Per-Click, Landing Page, Retargeting, Influencer marketing, etc.

Online Reputation Management

Understanding ORM scenario, How to deal with criticism online, Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation, overcome negative online reputation, etc.

Email Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing, Introduction to Mail Chimp, Email marketing strategy, Creating an Email Campaign, etc.


Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Add your all skills, Select a professional profile picture, Build Great Portfolio, give the best price, guarantee satisfaction, Correct bid, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Have a product idea, Validate your idea, Create the product, Start reviewing products in your niche, Collect emails, Research the Demand of the Product, etc.


Blogging to brand yourself, Choose category according to Company investment, Provide the content according to the audience, Subscribe Now, Add call-to-action, etc.

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