One Step At A Time...

Earlier this year, when Oliver Stone joined the panel at the 4th Beijing International Film Festival, he utterly savaged the Chinese film industry for failing to confront the last century of China's history, especially the catastrophes under Mao’s rule. "You do that, you open up, you stir the waters and you allow true creativity to emerge in this country.” he told the crowd. I can't help but feel like this is another example of Westerners marching into Asia (in this case, China) and telling them, somewhat foolishly, how to do business. To an extent, I agree. A time will come when China will need to face its problems and let's be honest, it has a fair few to face; human rights, pollution, poverty, censorship - take your pick. A fine balance of pressure, coercion and support are needed to help China tackle these problems. Westerners marching in and causing a fuss will do nothing except make the situation worse. It hasn't been long since the film market first opened to non-Chinese firms and while progress has been slow, progress has been made. Displays such as those shown by Mr Stone will do nothing to promote positive working relations and definitely won't get him any closer to producing that film on the Cultural Revolution. *I really liked The Economist's caption to the title photo - "Mr Stone waving goodbye to the Chinese film market". How fitting.

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