How to increase the number of your followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social network that has gained many fans today, where you can find out about the situation or business of friends or other professions.

In this article, we want to explain how to increase the number of our followers on Instagram.

Stay with us until the end of the article to explain what you need to do in a few steps.

It would help if you had a goal to increase your followers

For example, your goal in creating an Instagram page is to increase followers and be seen more.

To be able to increase your followers, you must act purposefully.

You need to set a strategy to increase the number of followers.

Design a path to reach your goal.

To better introduce your brand to your audience, posts must have a particular theme and logo.

Post regularly on Instagram and always be up to date.

Publish regularly. Post daily stories about your work or issues. You can also use serial stories.

Do not ignore the miracle of the story like the continuous photos. It has a perfect effect on users.

We suggest you read the secrets of the Instagram story.

To make your friends more visible, tag your photos because you can add to their profile section.

Challenge Instagram to increase the number of followers

Challenge users, for example, in a post, ask them to like if they agree with your article, and if they disagree, to comment and comment on why their views differ from yours.

Prepare to increase the followers of the Instagram contest (100% practical)

Start a contest, for example, ask users to mention one of your products if they mention 10 of their friends under the post, and if they follow your page, or they can use your discounted services.

Mention your friends to increase followers

increase followers

Leave a targeted Instagram hashtag for your posts.

Find hashtags related to your business and put them below the posts you share on your page. You can also use the most visited hashtags in the posts of famous people

or you can use the new news that is broadcast and launch controversial hashtags.

Connect with users to introduce you to their friends

To be more popular, you need to get closer to your followers.

How? By asking users to comment on posts.

Respond to users' messages directly with kindness and patience. Respond to users' comments and opinions quickly and at the earliest opportunity.

Leave a comment on blogs.

When commenting on websites, write your Instagram ID at the end of your comment.

Post a quality photo on your Instagram page

Post photos with great size and quality on the page.

Use attractive captions

Write compelling content in the caption. You can use the words of the elders or helpful content that is useful to the user.

Content should be related to the photo, avoid lengthy and irrelevant content, and use short content to make your post attractive.

You can use emojis to be more attractive and easier to read and also to convey emotions.

Do not forget the occasions.

Publish occasions such as the birth, martyrdom, victory, or loss of your favorite team and even your rival team on your page and sympathize with users

Convenient video

Try to upload interesting videos, such as humor, practical videos from different professions and skills, etc.

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