Social Networks: The Latest Key Figures!

They are all hot, the figures of the last report prepared by Data Reportal. Discover the latest key data on the use of social networks!

Still more users + 13.7% in 2021

4.33 billion active users

The Covid-19 crisis

55.1% of the world's population

The social networks have gained 521 million users in 2021, leading the number of followers to 4.33 billion or more than half the world's population.

2h22 on average per day on social networks

Globally, the time spent on social networks amounts to 2:22 on average per day . A figure that rises to 3:14 for the age group of 16-24 years.

Facebook remains the most used social network: 2.797 billion users

Facebook remains the most used social network in the world . The advertising audience of Facebook represents 36.2% of the global population . It increased by more than 27 million people in 2021.

social media primarily

On the other hand, “occupying one's free time” represents 36.9% of responses and the search for entertainment is neck and neck.

36.1% use social media to read new stories

This data is very interesting from the point of view of the type of content to be produced. The discovery of new stories is one of the main reasons that drive people to consult social networks.

So don't hesitate to tell inspiring stories using storytelling to meet the expectations of your targets and generate engagement!

31.5% are looking for funny or entertaining content

This figure explains the explosion of platforms such as Tik Tok , the format of which perfectly meets the entertainment demand of its audience.

So be second-rate and give your targets a good time with fun and engaging posts.

Favorite platforms by age group

INSTAGRAM the favorite platform for 16-24 year olds

Female 16-24 years old: INSTAGRAM (32.9%)

Male 16-24 years old: INSTAGRAM (28.3%)

25-34 year olds split between FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Woman 25-34: INSTAGRAM (23.4%)

Man 25-34: FACEBOOK (24.7%)

WHATSAPP unanimously for over 35s

35-44 years old: WhatsApp


years old: WhatsApp 55-64 years old: WhatsApp

"The place to be" to promote your products

27.8% are looking for inspiration to buy new products

The users of social networks are in search of inspiration for the purchase of new products, this data represents a real opportunity for your brand.

An opportunity for your targeted advertising

Use sponsored posts to reach a meticulously targeted audience and promote your products to those new users.

26.9% of users are specifically looking for products to buy

There are no more doubts to be had, social networks can no longer be neglected in the promotion of your products.

Regularly publish content that highlights your products and make links to your e-commerce site!

Use Social Shopping Platforms!

Take advantage of Social Shopping by using the shopping platforms offered by Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest . Your audience is there to buy as much as make it easier for them and offer them your products directly via the platform.

Your brand's content interests your audience!

their favorite brands

So do n't neglect your content strategy and offer your audience exclusive content , take a behind-the-scenes look at your brand and produce content that reflects your image.

The role of influencers

Women, more sensitive to influencers than men

The women are more likely to follow the influencers than men. The majority of them follow influencers, all age groups combined.

16-24 year olds are the most “influenced” age group

In general, the younger generations are much more attached to influencers than the older generations.

Among 16-24 year olds, influencers are followed by:

32.8% of women

24.4% of men

Figures that fall to 9.5% for women and 9.7% for men among 55-64 year olds.

What you must remember :

- Your audience is looking for entertainment

Offer them entertaining content!

- Your targets want to be inspired and seek to buy products

Advertise targeted on social networks

Use the shopping features

- The role of influencers

Deploy partnerships with influencers, in particular if you are targeting the younger generations

- Social networks are part of the new search habits

Be present and take care of your brand image on the networks

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