Where can I expect the most and best bonuses and promotions?

The presence of high or not so high odds is something that is often understood after the choice of a bookmaker is made and is usually a consequence, not a reason for choice. In terms of bonuses, all leading betting companies try to keep up with the competition and offer various temptations to their customers. The most common bonus is the initial bonus that accompanies each new registration.

Which bookmaker will offer me the best features?

In addition to high odds and bonuses, bookmakers know how to tempt players with useful features. The most popular of these is Cash Out. With it, you can play it safe and close your bet before the end of your selection, collecting a smaller amount of your potential winnings, but also playing it safe. This option quickly gained popularity and can now be found in almost all leading bookmakers. Another question is when it is available and to what extent you will be satisfied with the proposed amount for closing the bet.

Where will I get the best support, security and mobility?

There are several other components that are important when choosing a bookmaker. The first is site maintenance. Sooner or later, almost everyone has to resort to the services of support and in these usually hot moments it is important to get a quick and adequate answer and solution to your problem. Bookmakers know this and have tried to take care of their customers with live chat, phone connection and email. An important detail is that the support in question should be 24/7 - all bookmakers on the list above support round-the-clock support.

As for security, if you gamble at the leading bookmakers, there will hardly be much to worry about. Everyone has tried to offer the best possible protection of your personal data.


You have probably already made sure that choosing the best bookmaker is not such an easy task and is actually strictly individual for each player. Before making a decision, think about exactly what your priorities are, what you could sacrifice, but also what you are reluctant to compromise on. Informed choices are always better than random ones. I will remind you again that choosing a bookmaker is not a wedding ceremony. On the contrary, here you have the right to constantly "cheat" and you do not need to feel guilty about it. Your marriage to the bookmaker is a marriage of convenience for both parties.



International football

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The national team and international matches

As a betting provider for football betting, each of our recommendations presents international matches when they are due. World Cup qualification bets are an option. At least if the World Cup is the next important tournament. Maybe next is the EM. Regardless of the tournament, and even if friendlies are next on the agenda, you have a choice. With good odds. This applies to more than the 2014 world champions and all national team games, but also to the various U-teams and their tournaments, as well as to women's football. Again you will find all the important games in the betting program and the odds can be pleasing.

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