Ten amazing ways to increase your Instagram followers

on Instagram increase your Instagram followers

Do you want to know how to have more followers on Instagram in 2020? According to statistics, Instagram continues to be the second most visited social media channel (in the United States) behind Facebook.

Instagram app is the second most popular iPhone app (after YouTube). Out of one billion monthly Instagram users, 63% (about 63 million) login for an average of 28 minutes every day. Out of 500 million people who write stories every day, They see Instagram. A third of these people are from businesses.


Have a plan for your work and create a content calendar full of great ideas (think about your content first. Otherwise you can open an account on Instagram: /)

Before creating an Instagram account, you should think about content production and create your content production program just like you have a diet or exercise program or. Followers follow your account to see your content (videos, photos, stories, posts, etc.). If your content is attractive, even if it is a copy, but in a way that he likes, he will follow you.


Only produce and publish good quality images and videos + make sure both Instagram and users see them.

Only use quality photos and videos when posting on Instagram. I mean high quality, precise and attractive photos. Instagram, most importantly, is an image platform. There is no room for blurry images. Low-quality content does not receive any points.

Tag people who have a job similar to yours on Instagram

Another way discovered by people who do not follow you is to tag the relevant accounts so that you appear in their feed. Do not understand what I said, no? I did not understand myself: /

How should people who do not follow you or do not know your page find and follow you or see and like your content at all? So you have to tag pages similar to yours so that its followers can find and follow your account.

Use the appropriate number of hashtags.

Using hashtags on Instagram is like a keyword for search engines. Sometimes users search for a password on Instagram, and if that password is your hashtag and your page is open, you will be shown to that user. So he may follow you. So how do we hashtag now?

To summarize, having many hashtags for your posts is not only not good but also has a negative effect. Why? Because it is known as spam for Instagram.

The best hashtag mode is:

Find some specialized hashtags for your business; Of course, this does not mean that you should only use these hashtags for all your posts. Using the same hashtag for all positions is wrong and spam. You must use 2 or 3 specialized hashtags for each post, plus 5 or 6 other variable hashtags related to your post.


Ask your followers in your posts and involve them.

Let's say, for example, that you are a singer and you send a video of yourself reading. At the end of your title, you can write something like, "Tell us what you like to write in the comments of future films!" Or, for example, was Saddam good? Did I read well? How about my new hairstyle?"

It engages your audience, shows that you care about what your audience wants to see, and gives you ideas on what to post in the future. For example, a group of followers writes in the comments. That another photo of Nizar nature or, for example, another Nizar of this type of movie.

Look at what your competitors are doing and do better than them.

Another great way to attract fans on Instagram is to look at what your competitors are doing.

Also, note which of their posts work best - which could be another clue as to what can work on your personal account. It attracts you, but you play a dull and sad dub, which causes the previous followers to run away.

For example, go to competitors'competitors' pages and select a movie or photo that has received more than 50,000 likes and 180,000 views, and you can try to make a clip or image similar to it or better.


Instagram ads can put you directly in front of your audience.

Spend the cost of advertising to advertise your Instagram profile. You can create effective carousel ads and promote your content through Facebook Power Editor. If you are running a unique competition or marketing campaign, you can use Facebook ads. Use to push content in front of a larger audience.

By targeting customers based on their interests and behaviors in Power Editor, you can ensure that your posts will be viewed by Instagram users who are interested in your business. While some of these strategies may be better than Let others do it, find things that work well with your business or yourself.

Holding contests and challenges will increase your followers.

The competition has become very trendy recently, and it has happened to have a good result so far. Once you have the right number of followers, start a new stream to attract more followers by creating a contest or challenge.

For example, there are many contests that you have seen many times on this site that ask you to tag a few of your friends in exchange for a prize. Or share their story and mail for a discount. Of course, it is better to be a little creative and do something different to hold the competition. For example, give a counseling or training session as a gift instead of a cash prize.


Edit your Instagram page beauty

To persuade everyone who visits your Instagram to follow your Instagram page, you should write an attractive sentence on your bio page to persuade the audience to touch the Follow button in less than 4 seconds. Avoid writing the title of the business and services you provide.

Exchange with other Instagram tags. What everyone does

You can exchange with pages that have a familiar audience with you. Once you advertise them on your page and after a while, they will promote your page. If you do this with different pages, you can gain new followers.

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