What Bushcraft skills should you try this winter?

Winter is a beautiful time when individuals semi-hibernate, spend less time outdoors and enhance their survival skills. There is nothing quite like the walk-in woods and across fields on the crisp and cold winter day, where each breath hangs in the air, that too visibly! And during the winter, you can practice a multitude of bushcraft as well as survival skills! On this note, let’s learn the important proficiency that you can excel in during the winters.

#1 Animal Tracking

Some bushcraft proficiency, like establishing fire, is harder during winters. However, if there’s snow on the grounds, animal tracking becomes easier. Snow, as a matter of fact, shows up details. Even seasoned trackers get enthralled by a range of activities writ large in woods as well as fields.

Winter conditions happen to be good for starting animal tracking. On the snow, you can see multiple clear prints than on the other surface having sand exception. The animals leaving tracks are much easier to identify. As a matter of fact, you can also get with the whole footprints while at other times, you might see a partial print.

#2 Fire Lighting

Irrespective of your competency level in lighting fires, it becomes harder in colds and damp conditions than in warm and dry conditions during summers. Winter conditions happen to be when the fire makes a difference to the health. A great fire warms you and removes the moisture from the clothes. It offers light to work as well.

You can get out & apply the fire skills that you already know from the summertime trips to the woods. Then, you may look to extend what you do. You must reduce the reliance on man-made materials and force yourself to not use Vaseline, cotton wool, and BBQ fire-starters.

#3 Building A Shelter of Snow

You seriously don’t require being in the arctic or mountains to have snow for building the shelter from it. You can basically have different types of snow shelters that you build. The first is when you cut the blocks of compacted and transformed snow and later on use them for the construction.


These are the three skills that you need to enhance during winters. Other skills to work on are sleeping next to the fire, improving navigation, melting snow for drinking, learning new constellations, and more.

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