Why Planet Minecraft is not a Great Option for Minecraft Lovers?


It’s why there are many platforms that have emerged on the web providing Minecraft players the freedom to feature all of those elements and do tons more. Planet Minecraft is one such environment.

Planet Minecraft

But is Planet Minecraft an excellent platform for MC lovers out there? Here’s what we've learned.

A Few Days Ago…

A few days ago used to be researching the simplest molding websites for MC on the web and found a discussion forum on the web. I grasped quite the knowledge from people’s discussion… and what I learned, I might wish to share it with my audience.

As much as Planet Minecraft is liked bymanyMC players around the world, its setbacks.

The Website Design

According to a user, the website isn't as attractive or engaging because it is predicted to be. Not only the website offers poor performance, but well consistent with some users, the website is downright ugly. Although the website is meant to cater to the younger generation's user base, in order that they can have much space to tweak around, it sure features a bad ranking system. Poor skins and bad server voting have just added to the whole poor design tenfolds. In short, what the user said from the site’s design perspective was that the website is specifically designed for teenagers. There are interesting skins but the skins will only appeal to the younger generation.

The Scummy Server Voting

As far because voting cares, it's a nasty salesperson voting method. Just take the Skins section as an example. tons of teens are selling their stuff online and have an excellent deal of skins which shows a lack of creativity and perspective. and since a number of these skins have voted above the remainder, these skins get more traction bringing the poor quality workout and therefore the great things way down within the list.

At the top of the day, the community travel by bad voters/voter abuses instead of individuals who care to run website-supported community feedback. On MC, we even have the Projects section which is kind of better than the remainder. you'll find to nonvisual percept there but it isn’t all that satisfactory.

You Easily Get Banned on the location

A certain group of users believed that bots will do far better on moderating the site’s content because the current moderators operating the website are very poorly managing it. If you get a ban, the moderators don’t provide you a reason as to why you bought banned from the website.

According to a user, he got banned simply because of a comment,

“That’s not an ingenious mod. It’s an ore mod.”

To me, this is often indeed quite the abuse of power. It seems like the moderators performing on the earthMinecraft are so uptight, that they don’t even allow people to precise their own views.

What if somebody exclaims on a mod for creating Minecraft golden apple or rechanging the skin or design for the Minecraft anvil and simply because they hold an opinion, it’s not justified to ban them.

Many People Don’t Post Proper Images

Another problem that we encountered while using planet Minecraft is that individuals don’t post proper images on the website. Poor quality images can often mislead the users and as a result, poor quality work often gets greater traction while better quality work doesn't. consistent with one among the users, when he posted a project on planet Minecraft, he got somewhat around 3 comments and only 150 views whereas when he posted an equivalent project on another C mod platform, his build reached the primary page and received almost 10,000 views.

Ifyou'regetting to share your work, then planet Minecraft isn't quite the place to share.

Lastly, Concerns of Downtime

Many people have complained that the website experiences a downtime where the server keeps crashing. It's among the explanations why its fan base has simply distanced itself from the platform.

What are Better Alternatives to Planet Minecraft?

Ifyou'rechecking outcome good Minecraft skins or interesting Minecraft forums, then my recommendation is that you simply should definitelychooseCurseForge and Minecraft Schematics. These are some great websites with incredible mods which provide you the simplest stuff to mod your Minecraft.

Go ahead, inspect the above-discussed platform and share with us your experience.

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