Chloris Tea Rooms in Sinnonhyeon (클로리스 티 룸: 신논현점)

So you've had a great meal and it's for round two...but where to go? Coffee, perhaps? Ah...but your date doesn't like coffee? Chloris Tearooms are the perfect place to go. They have a diverse selection of milk and herb teas so your date is guaranteed to be happy (but don't worry if you're a coffee drinker - they have coffee too!). I'm not that much of a coffee drinker - I only drink it when in need of a serious energy boost..and even then, the closest thing to coffee I drink is a Vanilla Latte...which apparently doesn't really count? When we arrived at the tearooms we were surprised by how big it is. It has 5 floors and a roof terrace! We figured there would be loads of space but most of the chairs were taken - and this was a Wednesday night! We ordered the milk bingsu. I had to laugh though - it is bingsu but they have renamed it 'milk tea snow blossom'....but they spelt it 'brossom'. What's is 'brossom'? If you find out, let me know! As we sat down chatting, I realised why the filled the six floors so easily. Each of the six floors is split into two rooms, one of either side of the staircase which rises through the middle of the building. In the rooms, the chairs are really spread out so you're not all listening to each others conversations or straining to hear your partner / friend over the noise of the people at the next table. All in all, it made for a really great atmosphere and we had a great time. On top of that, the bingsu..wait...'milk tea snow broom' was really tasty, a lovely alternative to traditional bingsu, so I'd recommend it. I guess the only downside is that it's a bit of a walk. The tearoom is actually near Sinnonhyeon station but for us, after our meal, a walk was exactly what we needed so we didn't mind so much. *Oh - also, it's worth bearing in mind that they only have one kind of bingsu so if you don't like milk tea, stay tuned for some of my upcoming cards on other great bingsu cafés. Costs Involved: Tea and Coffee starts from 4500won. Bingsu : 9000won Location: 809-3 Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul (서울 강남구 역삼동 809-3) Directions: Travel by underground to Sinnonhyeon Station, take Exit 4. Walk straight forward and take the first right, walk straight forwards and Chloris Tea Rooms will be on your right. Website: Opening Hours: Every day 9AM-12PM For More Information: +82 2 557 7523

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