The high-tech fruit sorting appliance delivering better pack-out and workforce efficiencies for any Queensland citrus grower

The creation of a pre-packing facility plus state-of-the-art sorting machine includes helped a Queensland citrus grower achieve bigger pack-outs and ease a few of the effects of the employed pool shortage.

Dermark Pty Ltd (Turnbury Orchard), in Gayndah, north of Brisbane, says the new facility and machinery have been completed in February, just on time for this year's time of year. Managing Director Sandy McLay explains among the list of installations a new fruit sorting machine from top international company Reemoon, that may detect blemish and coloration problems.

"It has made the work more efficient, and allowed us to fulfill daily targets, " this individual said. "It has also made it easier for us meet the staff shortages due to COVID-19, which has been an incredibly big plus for people. We were after a blemish sorter to decide our green and liquid fruit, and this machine does exactly what Remoon says it can do. I positioned our blemish sorter in the beginning of our pack range, and this prevented undesired fruit from being processed through the remaining line, and that has worked wonderfully for us. It has freed up a lot of the internal workings of our shed. We are still grading just as we were, but it's got taken the pressure down. In the old a short time, eight girls would must go flat out to have this fruit off the type table. The way it is now, is the only berries that comes through about the line is Grade YOU and Grade 2. It has taken all the too much volume out. ".

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