Top 10 EMI Shielding Products Manufacturers in India

EMI Shielding product .

lications on the windows, walls and even the floors of the rooms.

EMI Shields has various features of robust construction, low maintenance, low tooling cost and have a fast turnaround time. Our EMI Shielding products are Emi shielding Gaskets, Emi shielding windows, Emi shielding Aluminium Honeycomb and much more. The offered range of products obtained from the approved vendors of the market, who manufacture it by means of top-notch quality raw material and ultra-modern technologies. We manufacture and supply our products to Automobile Industries, Aerospace Industries, Research & Development organization and educational institution.

Kinetic Polymers is the best solutions provider for making your facility ESD-safe. Static charge can be highly detrimental to your facility and our job is to ensure that it doesn’t happen.Our name is taken among the leading ESD Products manufacturers in India.We also make various masterbatches like Anti static, Conductive, VCI, Anti Rodent, HIPS, etc and supplying to various prestigious customers across India.
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