What SMEs need to know about web services when hiring a web developer or designer

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This simple checklist will guide you through managing your web service needs, from start to end, and help you make sure that your company gets the best web design and development.

What web services would you like?

If you don't have a site yet, it is a good idea to start writing down the reasons you want a site and what it can do for your company. Is it just a reference website? Do you intend to sell products/services via your site. Is it for internal or external communication? All of these factors impact the design and creation of your website.

If you have a website already, take the time to determine what you like and don't love about it and suggest ways that you could improve things. It's important to be specific. Don't just say it looks old. Is the navigation slow, clunky or out of date? While you don't necessarily need to be an expert web designer, this will give you an advantage when searching for a web programmer to resolve these problems.

Next, prioritize what you "wishlist". This could include a combination of certain points, such as e.g. Improve the layout and meet more general needs. "I want to drive business to my site." Once you have all this information, you will have a brief to a web designer to help determine the web service requirements and how to achieve desired results. You can then decide how much you can afford and what time frame it will take to get the quotes.

It is important to select the right person

Do you need a web programmer, web developer, or web designer? The terms may seem similar but they are all different in the work they do. This is why you need to know what their web services can offer for your site.

Web designers focus primarily upon the appearance or feel of websites.

Web programmers are more concerned about functionality.

The web developer is very confusing, I'm sorry.

If you need to get it down, but are unsure about the technicalities, you can take a look around your website. Most likely your URLs in the address bar will have some kind of extension e.g.(.html,.asp,.php,.cfm). Googling terms such as "asp developer", will help you find someone with the expertise to improve your website.

Grill your portfolio

Personal touch

Go big, or go local?

It is worthwhile to consider a local developer or web design company. They might have local contacts to help with your website promotion or better access to resources like online directory listings. This can increase your search engine rankings.

I was asked by a Cambridge charity to assist them in hiring a web designer. They understood that their web services will be needed for a long time and that they felt it important to have a face-toface meeting in Cambridge, as opposed to chatting via email or phone.

How much should web designing cost?

Since I am a freelancer, my clients expect me to be honest about costs. It builds trust. As this could be a sign of inexperience, companies that hedge their bets using quotes should be avoided. But it is important to keep in mind that the quoted prices are only a beginning point. As an SME, you will need to decide what is included. Many sites have SEO friendly websites. This means that the web design should include all of the necessary features to help your site rank higher on Google. SEO does not stop at this point. Building websites for Cambridge companies through search engines can be a long-term process.

Web design prices: how to break it down

Your SME website

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