Medical astrology and congenital diseases

For every family, childbirth is a source of enormous joy & divine blessing, but life becomes miserable for a family when a child is born with any kind of incurable health issue. When a child is born with certain bad health conditions, it is due to genetic defect or genetic mutation in his/her developing body inside the womb and these all health conditions are termed as Congenital disease. Birth of a kid with congenital diseases is a big emotional, psychological and financial issue for a family. Autism, Congenital heart defect, Down Syndrome, diaphragmatic Hernia, muscular dystrophy, childhood cancer and many more are the kinds of genetic disease that adversely affect the intellectual, physical, behavioral or overall growth of children.

Children with serious health problems can now survive thanks to significant advancements in the medical field, but scientists are still unsure why such genetic sickness originates in the foetus during pregnancy.

Medical astrologyhoroscope (Kundli)

This article is about the astrological indication of genetic defects in the horoscope of a child with such problems and it is also advised that all parents should do some remedies for specific dosha responsible for such diseases during pregnancy.

Congenital disease & Past life:

Past Life

Congenital disease & Pitra dosha:

In horoscopes for examining genetic disorders besides checking other parameters of medical astrology, first “Pitra Dosha” should be checked.

Pitra dosha is defined as a debt of our ancestors while in science we can relate it with genetic disease as we get genes from our ancestor and any genetic disease in the gene will carry to subsequent generations. Similarly this phenomenon we observe in material world,

We enjoy the benefits of our ancestral property, in a similar manner we even have to bear the fruit of bad deeds conducted by our ancestors knowingly or unknowingly and that is called Pitra dosha. That's why horoscopes with pitra dosha are susceptible to genetic diseases.


SUN iAtmakarka,Soul


Eighth house (Bhav) of Kundali

SUN has always been related with the 8th house of lagna, navamsa or drekkana (22nd drekkana) kundali of such children.

*Birth time dasha


This child was born in Sa/Sa/Ju dasha with several health conditions including hole in heart and blood cancer. Virgo ascendant and ascendant lord Mercury is in the eighth house of Drekkana chart in the rashi of mars (scorpio), so Mangal and Budh both are not good for the health of this native. Indicator of past life in this horoscope, 5th lord Saturn is retrograde and conjunct with rahu and aspected by Mars (mangal), native was born in the dasha of Saturn. Second house Rahu is also an indicator of pitra dosha. Atmakaraka Sun which is karka of Heart also, is in the ketu nakshatra and ketu which is in 8th house in lagna kundali. Moon is debilitated in this horoscope in the sign of mars. Saturn aspect 4th house; which represents the heart, and also eighth house of kundali which has the sign of mars. Correlation of sun, mars and moon with 8th house and Saturn along with pitra dosha, indicates severe health issues in the child.

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