Tips To Organize and Maximize Your Closet Space

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1. Keep, fix or let go

One big step into having a clean and organized closet is letting go of items that no longer have a purpose. That might be old pieces of clothes, outdated styles or pieces that are no longer functional.

A good idea to do this is to separate everything into three piles, one pile for items you know you would need and want to keep, a second pile for items that can still be repaired or repurposed and a third pile for items that can either be given away, donated or disposed of.

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2. Fold your clothes efficiently

One way a closet gets easily clogged or would look overfilled are clothes that are not folded properly or efficiently. Properly folding your clothing items can make a huge difference on the space it occupies inside your closet and even prolong the life of your clothes.

Pieces like t-shirts can be folded efficiently by folding them in half once more, while others can be kept in hangers.

3. Invest in bins or closet dividers

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4. Use multilayer hangers

It is inevitable that some clothing items have to be stored using a clothes hanger. Utilize your hanger space by using multilayer hangers that can save you the space in your closet or simply take the keyring of a soda can as a hook for other hangers if you want to customize how many hangers are connected.

This method of storing your clothing items can also make all the contents of your in your closet visible when you open your wardrobe.

5. Utilize your closet doors

The doors of a closet can also serve as additional closet space for items like bags, scarves and other small items. Investing in a hanging door organizer can store your extra items so you can fully maximize the space of your closet, this way, you can mix and match your favorite accessories easier now that they are also kept in your closet.

6. Utilize vacuum sealing bags for larger items

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