Chema Madoz: Sin Titulo

"Chema Madoz was born Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz in Madrid, Spain, in 1958. He studied art history at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid during the early 1980s while studying photography at the Centro de Enseñanza de la Imagen. In 1985, Madoz had his first solo exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society of Madrid. In the 1990s, Chema began to question the everyday uses of objects by manipulating and accentuating their characteristics in his photography. Without digital alteration, Chema photographed either unaltered objects or objects that he manipulates or invents himself. He considers himself “an objectual sculptor who works from a photographer’s point of view.” A noose made of pearls. A cloud in a birdcage. Madoz’s images are fanciful, poetic, humorous and contemplative. As both object-creator and image-maker, Madoz is doubly involved in the final product; he is as much behind the lens as he is in front of it. Even so, his presence is hardly felt. Beautifully printed and toned gelatin silver prints, these photographs do not present as overly constructed or clever. Instead, in the Surrealist tradition of Man Ray, Dora Maar, Brassi, and Salvador Dali, they prompt us to look beyond what we see."

My name is Kevin. I love art a little too much. I'm a freelance photographer but in my off time I'm usually on here talking about art!
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