White-Label Payment Gateway: More Pros and fewer Cons

Payments are an integral a part of your business and having the proper partner to assist you with this is often a serious advantage. because the world is shifting towards online payments, secure and fast transactions are a must have .

White-Label payment gateway

What is a White-Label Payment Gateway?

A White-Label payment gateway allows a payment company to process payments employing a third party gateway provider by integrating the company’s logo and hues with payment processors to make a personalized solution.https://wlpayments.com/

Why choose White-Label Payment Solutions?

Build vs. Buy may be a choice that the majority business owners face where they need to make a decision on certain points. does one have the capital, knowledge, and enormous tech team required to supply your customers the foremost efficient and innovative payments solutions? Alternatively, you'll just save those funds by choosing White-Label payment orchestration platform and luxuriate in the additional benefits! you'll read more about this Build vs. Buy dilemma in our whitepaper here.

Benefits of choosing White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions


White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions providers like WL Payments have the expertise and capability to supply the newest innovative technology to simplify online payments. they need direct integrations and accreditations with numerous acquiring banks, also as payment methods. You avail of these benefits by partnering with them and may market the answer as your own.


Time is that the most precious thing for a business, but building your own payment gateway would require both capital and substantial time investment. Moreover, after the initial building phase you continue to got to constantly keep it updated to take care of the technological edge up the payments market. Partnering with White-Label Payment Solution provider saves you time on all aforementioned aspects.


A payment gateway must be constantly accredited, goes through PCI DSS Compliance, regulatory compliance and tons more. With White-Label Payment Solutions, you get a refined , ready-made product for your brand, which is prepared to board your customers.

Fraud and Risk Management

White-Label Companies also provide advanced anti-fraud strategies and tools with a group of parameters. Users can refine them consistent with their needs, which might help them to know the cardholder’s behavior better. Also, White Label Solutions can integrate with third party Fraud and KYC Solutions to strengthen the protection. Besides, different fraud solutions offered by white label partners often employ machine learning algorithms, which makes fraud detection more efficient, while ensuring a seamless payment experience.


As alluded to before, building your own gateway from scratch requires an outsized investment, and even then, there's an opportunity that the top product isn't fully functional or is already outdated. However, once you choose a third-party solution, just like the one offered by WL Payments, this issue are often addressed. Outsourcing to a White-Label solution not only costs but building a payments platform from scratch, but it also encompasses predictable, scheduled costs which simplifies business planning.

Cons of White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions

Save the payment gateway fees

When you plan to build your own payment gateway, you save the fees related to the third-party providers. But, confine mind that there's tons of maintenance and other costs involved when choosing building your own payment gateway.

You get the Control

You have complete control when it involves building your own gateway. you're responsible of all the features and integrations that the gateway must need to fit your business needs. However, you would like to possess a team which is specialized within the particular area and has technological expertise to stay the method smooth.

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