Milling Machine

A turning process called milling Machine is used to cut any type of material from horizontal, vertical or any other horizontal or vertical position. In the traditional milling process the work piece is passed on a flat table, which is driven either by hand or by electricity against the rotating cutter fixed at a specific table. In case of a hand operated machine, it will generally operate with a push of a button or just a turn of a lever. Milling machines generally produce smooth flat surfaces, though any surface that can be ground flat on the mill cutter will also be produced on the cutting tool.

boring and milling machine

Today we have the option of selecting from a variety of tools available in the market for our work and they are called as Milling Machines. The first step while using the machine is to set the machine up according to the specifications provided by you and then run it for performing the milling operations. The most popular of these machines are the tracer controlled milling machines, the automated bed type milling machines, and the automated wire feed mills etc. The most important characteristic of any milling machine is its bed type or feed system; the quality of the system is highly dependent upon the quality of the bed.

It has been found that the most effective milling machines are those that use the hydraulic systems, so the feed system of these machines can change direction according to the motion of the work piece. There are several types of milling machines available such as CNC machines, the computer controlled milling machines, and the robotic milling machines etc. All these machines can create flat surfaces as well as curved surfaces depending on your requirements and the specification provided by you.

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