re also you a knife aficionado? Do you feel your tingle down your spine when you see a picture of Damascus steel? Do tables showing your chemical compositions of a good number of alloys keep you up during the night? Maybe, but I’m estimating not.

Outside of knife collectors (of which there are several, and we welcome you), most people just desire a pocket knife that can handle business in their day-to-day life. I’m guessing that the person cares more about the buying price of their next blade in comparison with its carbon content. Pertaining to them, the ideal knife might look suspiciously like the Kershaw Clash.

Kershaw’s range of knives spans from less than $10 for the Cinder to a lot more than $100 for the Lucha. Toward the lower end of that spectrum is the Clash, with a sale price (at the time of writing) of $35. 84. That price puts this in competition with entry-level knives from numerous manufacturers including well-known companies like SOG and modern manufacturers like Civivi. What's more , it aims the Clash squarely for the knives you see within the checkout line at your current local sporting goods save.

I can relate in order to buyers who don’t want to spend a lot however still need a serviceable piece of gear. To that ending, I set out to determine how the Kershaw Clash stacks up as a budget-friendly EDC knife.



How does a knife manufacturer start making a folder that costs less than a case of trendy IPA out of your local brewery? It starts with the materials.

The Kershaw Clash’s SEVERAL. 1-inch blade is created from 8Cr13MoV. This relatively soft midrange steel manufactured in China, where manufacturing costs are about under they can get, and it doesn’t include loads of expensive additives. There’s enough chromium and vanadium to supply some degree of corrosion resistance––but too few to jack up the value. Its softness makes the idea harder to break and easier to sharpen when compared with more brittle alloys. The actual tradeoff is edge preservation, which is not spectacular. The Clash can be had having a plain or partially serrated border.

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