City Harvest Church Scandal: Sixth person charged

Just heard of this piece of news in Singapore - one of the mega churches there called City Harvest has just had a huge scandal with the lead pastor being charged with misappropriating up to SGD 24 mn (USD 20 mn) of church funds in order to further his wife's popstar career (see pic 1) This makes me really sad actually, because I am a Christian myself, and the fact that this was such a huge influential church in Singapore makes it very easy for non-Christians to feel disgust at the religion. Many Christians are also going to feel ripped off, knowing that their hard-earned money that has been set aside to do God's work has potentially been completely misused. All I can say is to everyone out there - wherevere you are, whomever you listen to, make sure you do your DUE DILIGENCE! Check out what they are saying, make sure it is sound, don't just follow the crowd... Here are some articles for those who are interested. Photo credits to ====================================== A sixth person has been charged in the high-profile misappropriation case involving City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and four other key church members. 35-year-old Serina Wee, formerly the church's chief finance director, was on Wednesday morning charged with six counts of criminal breach of trust and four for falsification of accounts. She had her charges read to her as Kong, deputy pastor Tan Ye Peng, church board member John Lam, former finance manager Sharon Tan and investment manager Chew Eng Han stood in front of her for the second court mention of their respective charges. Like the others, Wee's police bail was posted at S$500,000, and her passport was impounded. As for the earlier accused, public prosecutors discussed and agreed with lawyers representing the five to postpone their next appearance in court by five weeks, so that Wee's charges can be next discussed alongside theirs. Furthermore, defence counsel for all six said on Wednesday that their clients would not likely be pleading guilty -- which means they are likely to claim trial. Representing Kong is Member of Parliament Edwin Tong, partner at Allen & Gledhill, while the others have since their first appearance engaged senior counsel to defend them in court -- a sign that the upcoming trial will be a costly one. Pre-trial conferences for all six cases will be held on 30 August. Source:

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