FKA twigs - Two Weeks

I am really digging FKA twigs right now, and her newest music video didn't disappoint me! It's totally mesmerizing! Here's what Rebecca Fulleylove of It's That Nice had to say: "There are some people in the world who just ooze coolness and FKA twigs is one of them, who knew Gloucstershire was able to produce such fine specimens of slick elegance? To capture her mystery, director Nabil creates the perfect backdrop for FKA twigs latest song Two Weeks in this heady, luxurious video. The song starts simply but gradually builds into layered vocals and ticking beats mimicking the gold and opulent surroundings excellently. As FKA twigs sits on her throne with her twinkling headdress, the camera slowly pans out to reveal miniature twigs gyrating and writhing around her in a way that pulls everything together so dreamily. This feeling of molten gold drips from every corner of the video so don’t be afraid if you feel yourself transfixed to the screen. It’s slick, effortlessly sophisticated and it proves why FKA twigs’ coolness is so hot right now."

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