JYJ Fighting Project!

to all JYJ fans... our Oppas are going to have their court ruling this August, and I thought that all the JYJ fans should come together and CHEER THEM ON!!! Whether or not they win their legal battle, I want to tell them "oppas, FIGHTING!" hope that they will continue to stay together, and carry on making good music, and that they will always know that they have fans who love them! does anyone want to join me??? I am living in Korea now, so what I want to do is make cards and send it to JYJ so they will see our cards before their court ruling is announced and know that we love them! if u want to join me, just do the following: 1) Go to this party and click "Join" (http://www.vingle.net/JYJ) 2) Click on "Add a card" button 3) Create your card! Select your language, and upload your fav pics of JYJ 4) In the "Relevant Party" field, type JYJ and wait for it to pop up before selcting! Type in any other relevant parties if you want! e.g. Rooftop Prince / kpop 5) Write whatever you want to say in your card. Tell them how you feel, hope that they will read what u say and be encouraged!!! 6) Please leave the link of your card as a comment here so that I can compile all the cards together and print them out! What I will do is for all the cards that are submitted here (if there are any!), I will print them alll out and send it to JYJ. Vingle lets us write cards in multiple languages so go ahead and write in ur native language!!! it will be so cool that JYJ's fans from all around the world are supporting him. This is my first time doing this, omo abit scared but my love for JYJ will conquer all kekekeke. oh yah deadline will be AUGUST 5, 2012 so that I can print and send to them in time. Please shareee with everyone you know!!! if i have forgotten anything pleaseee let me know *shy smile*

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