Can You Play Minecraft Java Edition On Android?[UPDATED]

Minecraft is the most famous sandbox game in the world. The game features a 3D world made of blocks that describe different materials.

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Minecraft really has been doing great on smartphones with the blow-up of mobile gaming in recent years.

However, there has been a number of confusion about how to play Minecraft Java Edition on Android because there are a set of Minecraft versions out there along with some fake ones.

Can You Play Minecraft On Android?

Minecraft has gained a lot of updates and has developed several different versions, which makes many new players confused. Can you play Minecraft Java Edition on Android? The quick answer is no.

Here is a little breakdown of Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition so you can understand a few bit more.

Minecraft Java Edition :

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There is a piece of big server as well as mod games on this server because it has been around for a long time. Minecraft Java Edition only has cross-platform play between Windows, Linux, and macOS, PC in general.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition :

It is the multi-platform edition of Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios. Minecraft Bedrock Edition allows for cross-platform multiplayer on Windows 10, mobile, and consoles. However, various add-ons in this edition have a paid wall.

Also, there is just a limited number of mods available. Basically, Minecraft Java Editionis the better version if you just play on PC and if all your friends also play Minecraft on PC.

However, if you want o play with friends who play Minecraft on consoles, mobiles, then you require to use Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How To Play Minecraft On Android?


The game is now open on Google Play Store for $7.49. There is also a Trial version at Google Play Store, which you can download and try for free for a limited time.

You don't want to have any money at all, you don't have to complete any human verification at all.

Actually, if someone says you to complete any human verification to download free Minecraft, they are 100% scamming you to click on their ads.

How to play cross-platform multiplayer in Bedrock version.

In order for Minecraft players to enjoy multiplayer together between platforms on Bedrock edition, they'll require to set up a few things.

Compared to setting up a server or Local Area Network or purchasing a Minecraft realm on Java, the process is significantly easier.

All it will take is a few button presses and before they know it, players will be able to enjoy a Minecraft world with their friends.

1. At Minecraft's main menu, players will want to log in to their Microsoft account. Xbox One players will already be logged into one on launch, but other platforms will require to sign in to the account before they proceed. Console players will also want to have an active subscription to whichever service they are currently using, such as Xbox Live or Nintendo Switch Online.

2. Once signed in, players will want to load or create a new Minecraft world. Once it has loaded partially, the player will need to open their pause menu.

3. On the far right of the pause menu, there should be an "invite to game" button. By pushing that, players will be given a number of options to invite players to the game, but the button they will want to select is named "find cross-platform friends."

4. Players will then require to find their friends via their Minecraft ID/Gamertag, and select "add friend."

5. Once friends have been joined to a player's friends list, they will be seen when available under "online friends." Players will need to check the box by their Minecraft ID and then push the button "send an invite."

6. Once the player has got the invite, they can access the world of their choice, and the players can play together to their heart's content.

Final Words

So here we discussed playing Minecraft on Android. Hope the article fulfills your queries about playing Minecraft on android.

Now, what are you waiting for? follow the above instruction and enjoy your favorite game on your android.

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