Hello from your new Creative Writing Moderator!

Hello, hello! Vinglers, I am Gregg, and I will be your Creative Writing Interest Moderator this quarter. Care to learn a little about me? I’ve been a middle school English teacher for over ten years now, so I have read my fair share of books, essays and poems. But I do not simply read adolescent literature, but have also taken a keen interest on Creative Nonfiction for the past six or seven years. With that interest, I have started reading authors like David Foster Wallace and Susan Orlean, as well as classics like Hemingway, hoping to learn more about just what makes a true story, and how we can make that truth even more effective. While I have not published any writing, I really enjoy trying to write something worth reading, and also looking at the writing technique of others. Whether its nonfiction, fiction, poetry, essay, it does not matter. Write it, and I will read it. It was in this strain that I decided to apply to be Interest Moderator. There are only a few authors here on Vingle who upload any of their own writing, and I would love to expand that! I started this attempt with my writing prompts collection, and now as moderator I hope I can expand it even further! My goal is to get more people writing on Vingle, and to get them connected with each other. Let’s critique each others works, encourage each others victories, and support each others failures. Let’s write, together, on Vingle! If you’re interested in being Interest Staff, or simply want to say hello, drop me a line at any time. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to reading your writing soon!

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