Simple fashion is not artificial, delicate and elegant and young

The age of women has nothing to do with their fashion sense, but with individual collocation ability, mentality and other aspects have a direct connection. Even when you are a mother, you can still be interested in dressing up. Here are some examples of women who wear simple clothes, not pretentious clothes, and who are more elegant than their peers.

Many mothers like to put on long and wide clothing, but such clothing will only reduce the height of the individual, so that their figure can not be interpreted through specific clothing performance. There is no problem with using it at home, but once you attend important occasions, you will not look agile and decent enough.When you go out, try a slimmer top.

However, between tight and loose also want to maintain a certain scale. Tighten slightly, do not close too narrow, is suitable for older women single article.The way that older mothers dress, can compare commonly simple, if blindly apply the sheet of too much design and color is tasted, can pull low grade for nothing only, still can have the risk that trams pit.

This middle-aged mother's way of dressing, can let the girl harvest some inspiration. Use the dress of pure color much, undertake the construction of concise feeling, cooperate through belt again, model a slender bodily form easy to do.Not necessarily only the summer is the home field of the dress, arrived in the autumn, can use sundry skirt outfit to reach the specified position. Just be in tie-in respect, must have the effect that fosters strengths and circumvents weaknesses, otherwise your figure dead Angle can be magnified.If your arms aren't that slim and you want to try a halter dress, throw a white shirt over it. Color basis, simple design, but also through the way to tie up the hem, so that its whole style more fit, more tidy and generous.

White shirt can assume the function that one garment is multi-purpose in wardrobe, let it shuttle back and forth in all sorts of modelling. Some have a very serious style, some have a more elegant temperament.Put the white shirt and slip dress together, can weaken the slip dress that sexy temperament, but also let the mentality of conservative people, can also find the correct way to control the slip dress.How about 40 or 50? Do not discard the image, or find some suitable dressing techniques to create a stylish look, which will also help to convey personal charm. White shirt is good, but there are some clothing traps when matching, can not step into.For instance the dress that next half body matches cannot be too wide, be in lumbar position especially, foil of lumbar line as far as possible comes out, just won't pull the scale of low whole.

Moms can make the transition from tacky to stylish, but first they have to get out of their comfort zone and stop experimenting with items that don't suit them. And the key to observe whether a type of clothing can be combined with personal conditions is whether its length is stressful for your height, whether to adjust its width, whether there is a requirement for your body shape, whether its color and your skin tone can match some harmony.White and beige shirts, for example, are user-friendly to most people, and can be paired with bell bottoms and wide-leg pants to create a statement look.

As the temperature cools down, the white shirt will not be put on the shelf, but will be reintroduced with a high collar.The combination of black and white is a kind of CP preferred by all older women. Black high collar inside take, can highlight a section of neckline to emphasize a layering feeling, when cooperate black trousers outfit, the union of color won't be disorderly.Comfort is also a problem that many mothers will consider when dressing, so it is necessary to ask you to choose clothing material skin-friendly, clothing design is not so le meat.

The basic white shirt will help you gain a sense of style and create a comfortable environment to wear. With black wide leg pants, royal sister style is full, combined with knee skirt, intellectual and elegant.The shirt-skirt evolved from the shirt, also has a high popularity in the female group, and older women can rely on enough experience to prop it up, wear it good-looking.

In the choice of shirt skirt, also can't ignore the existence of belt, or the importance of belittled belt. Especially when shirt skirt is over knee, and when width is obvious, need to use waist to bring contraction to give thin and graceful curve more.There's never one thing a mom wears, but there's a lot of flexibility between outfits, allowing you to switch between so many qualities.

A lot of elder female go up in the choice of suit, still can throw the bosom of basic color, try another kind of color actually, also can harvest another dress experience and different aesthetic feeling.

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