Tired of the same tea flavors? I discovered these "Tea Assortment by Hacendado"!

People want to taste different varieties of teas but not getting individual packets or pods makes it a big conflict, that’s the reason why we need different packets or assortments, so we can try and then choose our favorite. 


gives a lot of options in this variety of bright and calming tea infusions. A single cup of any of these tea bags will make your morning, evening or even midnight tea will lighten you up.

What’s in the package?

In this assortment, we get 2 packets of a lot of tasty tea flavorings. A single package would include 9 different flavors of Hacendado tea and aside from being super calming, separate teas will help in different aspects of daily life, for example, Sleep Tea for a peaceful sleep, etc.


The things that make these teas stand out of the crowd:

1) The light and relaxing feeling: Many of the teas need extras like milk, sugar to taste good but these tastes just as good without any of the other items, with their own light essence.


2) Perfect quality of tea bags: The tea bags don’t get all smudged or tear even after we keep any of them in the mug or cup for a long time. This makes it a branded and premium quality product.


3) Different tastes and benefits from each pack of the tea: Each tea bag is perfect in its respective flavors and suitable for different situations.


The flavors offered by Hacendado in the pack:

1) Relax tea: Cleared by the name, it actually does gets you in the mood to relax while sipping it.


     2)Digest: This blend helps people in various ways like reducing bloating, cleansing our body, etc.


     3)Dormir (sleep) tea: With all the herbs and medicinal properties in this bag, it calms your mind to help in sleep.


4) Hinojo Funcho (Fennel) tea: This is a new edition to Hacendado’s already wide tea collection. Fennel is really good for digestion and is a popular favorite of tea drinkers.


5) Respir (Breath) tea: It is one of the best herbal teas. Not only it tastes fantastic, just when you tear open the individual tea pack, but you also get a light scent of fresh ingredients.


6) Rooibos Citricos (Citrus) tea: This is the best fruit flavor tea that does feel like tea and not sugary tea. Perfect to complement your brunches.


7) Cavalinha (horsetail) tea: The most successful tea by them and is known for detoxification.


8) Curcuma(turmeric) tea: It has a lot of benefits but is more on the spicy side in comparison to other teas.


I love that the company has taken this wise decision of giving these different packets of brews at this price many companies don’t according to my experience. This way customer can try and taste their best flavors at a cheap rate and then order the whole full-size box of teas that they like the most or benefited them.


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