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top computer science colleges

Best computer science colleges in Dehradun

To your notice, if you are a computer stream student aspiring to pursue a relevant computer course to obtain any of the highest paying job profiles, you must opt for any of the top-rated computer science colleges in Dehradun.

Himalayan institute of technology:

op computer science colleges in Dehradun

HIT DOON is a UGC and NAAC approved college that brings forth plenty of facilities, assistance, guidance, and world-class infrastructure with pollution less and a stress-free environment. Additionally, as this institute was supported and funded by the Ministry of HRD Government of India, various projects and ideas provided by HIT learners were converted into working models and start-ups by getting funds from MHRD. The HIT college of computer application and IT is one of the science and technology of HIT group of institutions which is to be developed into a research and development sooner.

Specialization programs for the present IT industry:

As you may know, inclusive of your bachelor's degree it is necessary to learn certain influential specialization programs and improvise your skills on analysis, and emotional intelligence to be hired in any of the top MNCs namely; Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Oracle, McAfee, Amazon, Netflix, Accenture, and so on. The necessary skills and technologies that should be known are:

• Hands-on training on React JS, Node JS, Angular, Mongo DB.

• Docker, Jenkins, Git, Puppet, OS.

• Python programming, R programming, SQL, statistical analysis, and Database technologies.

• SEO, Pay per click, content marketing, email marketing, web analysis, and conversion optimization.

• JAVA, PHP, C++, Data security, network security, and OS management.

Extension of computer application and IT sector in 2021:

The results of one of the recent survey analytics determine that 55.6 million people were availed as full-time employees in the IT sector over the globe. Also, you might be aware of the fact that there were 1.26 million registered IT companies in India which include MNCs, Small scale IT industries, and start-ups. There were plenty of job profiles offering the highest pay scale of 20 to 25 LPA for a fresher in the IT sector as per their technical knowledge, analytical and behavioral skill sets in India. The topmost job profiles of the IT sector with the highest domestic pay scale in 2021 include,

• Full-stack developer

• Market intelligent analyst

• Data Scientist

• DevOps Engineer

• IT program manager

• Software architect

• Network security engineer

• Data engineer


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