4 methods to take a screenshot in Windows Laptop

Taking a screenshot on laptop

In short, you will understand: today I will show you how to take a screenshot on Windows 

For some of you it is a trivial operation, but it is not for everyone Especially since there are several ways to take a screenshot on Windows, from the easiest and fastest to the most complete.

I will offer you four methods , learn how to use all four and then choose the one you prefer

Take a screenshot in Windows

with the Screen Capture Tool

If you are looking for the easiest solution to take a screenshot of your PC, the Windows Screenshot Tool is perfect for you

It doesn't have a lot of options but it does have the merit of being integrated into Windows (since Vista), so you don't need to download and install any software.

Here's how to use it:

Start the Windows Screen Capture Tool by entering the term "capture" in the Start menu and then select Screen Capture Tool .

Select the capture mode by clicking the Mode button . Several capture modes are available:

Freeform Capture : allows you to select "on the fly" with the mouse the area to be captured.

Rectangular capture : allows you to precisely select an area of the screen.

Window Capture : allows you to capture the software window displayed on the screen.

Full Screen Capture : Capture the entire screen.

Then, nothing could be simpler: click on New then select the area of the screen you want to capture.

- After capturing the selected area, your capture is displayed in the software.

- You can write or draw on it by selecting the Pen and Highlighter buttons . An Eraser button is there to delete the lines you have drawn.

- Finally, save the capture on your computer or send it by e-mail.

with screenshot and sketch

- Open the Screenshot & Sketch app :

via the keyboard shortcut : . + ⇧ Maj + S

via the Start menu with the term "sketch":

Click the New button to take a screenshot now, or select Crop Delayed 3/10 Seconds from the drop-down list to start the capture after a 3 or 10 second delay.

At the top of the screen, click on the button corresponding to the desired capture mode:

Rectangular capture : allows you to precisely select an area of the screen.

Free-form capture : allows you to select "on the fly" with the mouse the area to be captured.

Window capture: allows you to capture the software window displayed on the screen.

Full Screen Capture : Capture the entire screen.

After capturing the selected area, your capture is displayed in the app.

You can annotate the capture with the ball point stylus, the pencil, the highlighter or even the tactile writing (useful on a touch screen and with a stylus). Each time, you have the possibility to define the color and thickness of the path.

Save your screenshot with . You can also share it with your contacts via the Mail application, Skype, etc.Ctrl + S

with the Print key. screen

This is the most rudimentary solution : it allows you to take a capture and place it in the Clipboard.

After that, you will need to use Paint or your favorite graphics editing software to paste the captured area (you can edit it if needed to keep only what interests you) and save it as an image file.

Here's how to do it:

Capture the desired screen area:

To capture the entire screen : press the key Impr. écran.

To capture only the active window : press the keys simultaneously .Alt + Impr. écran

The captured area is now placed on the Clipboard.

Then open Paint or your graphics editing software (like GIMP or Paint.NET) and paste your capture with it .Ctrl + V

Your capture is then displayed in the software. If needed, you can resize or crop the image.

All you have to do is save your screenshot as an image file in the format of your choice and you're done

with GreenShot

The GreenShot screenshot software is arguably the most comprehensive software for taking a screenshot.

In addition to being very easy to use, GreenShot offers some useful functions such as capturing the mouse pointer, sending the capture to a printer or software ...

Download GreenShot then install it as you would with any software. Do not forget to select the French language in the Additional languages area to have GreenShot in French.

Start GreenShot . Unlike the Windows Capture Tool, the software takes place in the notification area .

Before using GreenShot, I recommend that you go to the software options by left or right clicking on the

GreenShot icon> Preferences . Here are the options that you must configure first:

General tab : you can choose to launch GreenShot when Windows starts up and define keyboard shortcuts.

Capture tab : you can among other things choose to capture or not the mouse pointer.

Output tab : choose the default folder in which GreenShot will save your screenshots, the file name template

(click on the question mark for details) and the image format.

Screen capture destination tab : leave the Select dynamic destination check box selected, otherwise select the operations that GreenShot must perform when you take a screenshot by checking the desired operations.

You are free to configure other options of course, the software offers a lot of things

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you need to remember to take a screenshot with GreenShot :

Capture the whole screen: Ctrl + prtscrn

Capture the active window: Alt + prtscrn

Capture a region: prtscrn

Capture the last region: Maj + prtscrn

Capture Internet Explorer: Ctrl + prtscrn

When you take a screenshot with one of the above-mentioned key combinations, a list of options is available to you: Direct recording immediately saves the screenshot taking into account the parameters you have defined in GreenShot options (especially in the Capture and Output tabs ).

The other options speak for themselves I think. 🙂

If you want to avoid systematically going through the software settings to configure some commonly used options, click on the GreenShot icon> Quick Settings . You can more quickly choose to capture or not the mouse cursor, the default action to perform when capturing the screenshot ...

In general, and if you have forgotten the shortcut to capture a specific area of the screen, a click on the GreenShot icon in the Notification area gives access to all the screen capture features of the software.\

On Firefox

The Firefox web browser natively has a screen capture tool called "Firefox Screenshots" which allows you to take screenshots of an entire web page or part of a web page very quickly.

To know how to use it, follow this guide:

On Chrome

Thanks to the Nimbus Capture extension , you can capture web pages on the Chrome browser very easily.

To know how to use it, follow this guide:


No less than 4 methods to take a screenshot , the choice is yours. 😉

To sum up, to easily take a screenshot , use:

Windows 10> = 1809 : Screenshot and Sketch application.

Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 <= 1803 : Screen Capture Tool software.

Windows XP: the key Imp. écranwith the Paint software.

For more options use GreenShot screenshot software which is really comprehensive and intended for those who take a lot of screenshots.

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