A Gentleman's Dignity Ep 19 [Eng]

hi everyone! i just saw the AGD previews out, it's really short... but that's all we have now! here it is - please share with all AGD fans everyone ====================================== A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 19 The four men were all sitting by the window, waiting for four women (i'm not sure who these four women are specifically, doesnt say so in the preview). The four women appear dressed really provocatively and posing super sexily - the four men felt that it was really inappropriate for them to dress like that and used their napkins to cover the women up... 네 명의 신사들은 레스토랑 창가에 앉아 수다를 떨면서 네 여자를 기다린다. 모델 포스로 섹시하게 차려입고 나온 네 여자들을 못마땅하게 생각하며 냅킨으로 가려주는데...

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