Best Ways To Protect Your Medium Passion Twists!

medium passion twists!

1) Use Silk Scarfs!

Yes ladies you got me right you will have to buy those scarfs now the ones you always wanted to have because they looked so chic back then! Passion twists need to be protected with these scarfs so that the do not get tangled. So to avoid that use a silk scarf or a silk pillow while sleeping as it causes less friction and prevents your hair from tangling. ladies its time for you to get the best on silk scarfs and slay on!

2) Wash it up!

Clip in natural hair extensions!

3) Good Quality Hair Extensions!

hair extensions

4) Moose It Up!

So the thing with passion twists is that they tend to get dull and dry after sometime and if you want them to stay shiny and look flawless then use the hair moose. This will give them the needed nourishment. So ladies get on that to your hair care regime and let everyone fall head over heels for you and for those twists!

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