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Data management

Rehab centers have a team of social workers, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists - each having varied documentation needs. Organizations that see a lot of traffic and are growing tend to have more requirements for management of data at a more sophisticated level. For addiction treatment organizations, enterprise grade software can be important. In a single-system database, these programs can combine substance abuse treatment management and electronic medical records (EMR). You can also have these tailored to the needs of therapists in your substance abuse, drug rehabilitation or addiction treatment facility.


It is well known that billing operations are one of the most important tasks in any rehab or addiction treatment facility. It can actually be tough to maintain a huge amount of financial records against the names and details of each and every patient. This is where an electronic medical recording (EMR) solution of this type can help. It can help with different aspects of billing, make financial entries easier, reduce the risks of human errors in the process and make it easier to access and manage financial records and billing data for each patient.

Helps get references

When you need any data for references, there is no need to go through a lot of client data. All the information that you need about the medical history of patients or their financial history etc can be accessed in just a few clicks from anywhere and at anytime. This is one of the major advantages of working with such kinds of programs. It is easy to understand why these are fast turning out to be a top choice for addiction treatment organizations, drug rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment service providing facilities across the globe.

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Jones is a certified medical specialist. He advises clinics on medical software management and various hospital billing softwares.

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