What are the features and advantages of e-commerce?


E-commerce is an excellent way of buying and selling products online. Online selling has changed how businesses function. The e-commerce development process consists of multiple steps such as purchasing a domain name, hosting plan, customizing the themes, installing plugins, and many more to make it a user-friendly website. E-commerce business is completely customer-oriented services. If your audience is not satisfied with the services, your business won’t work. As the digital platform is comprehensive, even the minor conveniences for the user will harm your business. A user-friendly e-commerce site will help you transform your business into a brand. Get hold of the various features of the digital marketing process and boost your business by analyzing the strategies of your competitors. You can easily track your competitor's activities to prepare a plan to attract more audiences to your business. Learn about the choices of your audience to get a better grip on the marketing strategies.

Customizing the Template

For customizing, you have to go to the store’s admin panel. After going to the admin panel, the person can modify anything as per their needs. here is what you can change from the customization panel:

Color of the theme

Use of image

Text Size, Color, and Font

Position of product

Type of e-commerce models

Business to Consumer (B2C)

e-commerce model

Business to Business (B2B)

e-commerce model

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

A C2C model refers to the purchase of products made between two customers. The C2C platforms are a lot in trend, such as eBay, Etsy, and Fiverr. Here customers interact with each other to purchase.

Customer to Business (C2B)

e-commerce model

Business to Administration (B2A)

B2A refers to the exchange of products between business and administration. When a company deals with the administration using the internet, the business model will be referred to as the business administration. It is also known as the business to government model.

Consumer to Administration (C2A)

C2A refers to the transaction between consumers between administration using the internet. When a consumer makes a transaction to the administration for using their services, some of the significant examples of C2A include electricity bills, electronic tax filing, etc.


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