Etude House Beauty Blender dupe

saw this beauty blog post and had to post it here too... i havent tried this product before, but now I am super tempted to!!! =============================== source: My recent dabble with Korean beauty products has no doubt ended in a lifelong obsession as everything I picked up whilst in Seoul has ended up being amazing. The latest item I want to share is this cute pink foundation blending sponge, packed in an adorable box which makes it look Heidi-esuqe. It also resembles something else…dum dee dah- THE BEAUTY BLENDER Etude House is quickly becoming my favourite of the various Korean Beauty Brands I have tried, and I’m completely in love with this adorable blending sponge. It’s round, tapered and has a great latex texture.. and yes, it is JUST LIKE THE EXPENSIVE BEAUTY BLENDER which retails for over $20 / £15- and this was £1 /$2. It’s incredible- the price is a fraction of that of the famous beauty blender and this is every bit as good. My allegiance to the Beauty Blender is now faltering, as side by side I really can’t see a difference. I have tried other dupes, such as the Sonia Kashuk blender and this far surpasses it in every way. Can I mention the price again? OMG!

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