Kolkata Tram Branding



Kolkata Tram Branding

KolkataKolkataKolkata Tram BrandingKolkata tram branding

Kolkata tram branding is reliable because:

Serves 6 Lakhs passengers daily

It is among the busiest metro services that run in India

Best outdoor advertising medium

Provides access to the diverse target audience

Act as movable brand banners

Attracts dual attention of both the commuters and of the onlookers.

Brands can use travel time to engage the audience and interact with them.

Reinforces brand that lets your brand be ahead of other brands in the competitive market.

Can accommodate both traditional and modern ways of advertising such as full train wraps on the exterior and digital ads on the interiors of the train.

Kolkata Tram brandingoutdoor advertisingoutdoor advertising

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