KCON Lineup

The confirmed artists for KCON 2014 are: B1A4 BTS CNBlue G-Dragon Girls' Generation IU Jung Joon Young Lee Seung Gi SPICA Teen Top VIXX Special guests include: Jun Sung Ahn Aimee Lee Lucas Girlfriday and Javabeans CoCo Avenue Janelle Hampton (Kpop Fashion) Corey Stiles (ReplayReplay Apparel) OneHallyu Staff (Coyee Burgin, Kim Le) Writers and Artists (Lindsay Roberts, Shannon Rudder, Arnelle “Elly” Nonon, Euny Hong, Brianna Newman, Cindy Zimmer) YouTube Stars (Mister Popo, Patrick, JREKML, Dylan Jacob, KSpazzing, 2MinJinkJongKey)

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