A complete guide to somatic experiencing therapy:

When you go through a traumatic event, it has a significant impact on your mental health. Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms can continue for weeks, months, or even years following an event. After a traumatic incident, it might be difficult to regain equilibrium and lucidity. Somatic therapy, a comprehensive approach to treatment, can help here.

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How it works:

It's all too easy to get caught up in our own physical and mental stress. You may feel scared, anxious, and unable to relax as a result of your sense of being imprisoned. Traditional talk therapy can effectively address a variety of mental and emotional health issues, but somatic therapists believe that talking therapy can benefit from bringing awareness to a person's body and symptoms, which can help a person relieve the anxiety and chronic pain that prevents them from fully experiencing life.

Somatic experiencing therapy is a type of somatic therapy that is based on the concept that traumatic events induce nerve system dysfunction and hinder a person from processing the incident. Somatic experience therapy's objective is to help a person recognize bodily sensations related to mental health difficulties and then utilize that awareness to move through painful feelings and emotions. Chronic illness and other uncomfortable symptoms are examples of this type of bodily experience.

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When to use Somatic therapy:

Somatic trauma healing therapy, which may be done alone or in a group environment, focuses on a person's physical and mental relationship throughout treatment. It can be used to treat both physical and psychological symptoms associated with certain mental illnesses.

Those who have tried but failed to find success with more standard therapeutic techniques may benefit from somatic experience therapy. Physical discomfort, digestion difficulties, sleep problems, and other medical concerns can all be treated using these methods. The notion is that once physical problems are healed, most patients will find that using somatic therapy approaches to address psychological issues is simpler.

Somatic therapy may readily be included in other psychotherapy and counseling methods; the key is to locate a licensed and experienced mental health provider who has received somatic therapy training.

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