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With numerous Java professionals collaborating, exchange industry-specific information, and receive relevant job placement opportunities, coding bootcamps have indeed gained popularity. As per several surveys, professional development is the main force behind workplace satisfaction. If employees feel stagnant in their career, one is more likely to look for a job elsewhere. Therefore, following the job itself, one can think it would have been the first choice.

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Rise in Online Coding Bootcamp Popularities

With the pandemic, there has been undoubtedly an imbalance in the job market. As the pandemic affected industries, a vast section was laid off, especially from service-oriented sectors, and companies that avoided contractions witnessed exponential growth. With this came an increasing demand for talent and plentiful supply. Coding bootcamps fulfilled this as they offered swifter learning and job assistance.

About Us: SynergisticIT is an online platform designed to assist candidates in Java Upskill and many more programs. The assistance offers to job seekers finding, researching, and connecting with training programs have resulted in Java developers' career growth and other IT professionals.
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