How can I claim my JetBlue compensation?

JetBlue customer service human

Modes to claim for JetBlue compensation

1. Via phone- JetBlue facilitates its passengers to claim compensation via phone. They can contact the customer services of JetBlue and ask for compensation. Below mentioned are the steps that help the passenger to connect to the customer care executive of JetBlue on call for compensation.

•Open the official website of JetBlue airlines using any reliable web browser.

•On the current webpage, you will see the help and support option at the end of the web page.

•Tap on the help and support option, and then you will see the search bar, and you need to search for the issue you want to resolve related to compensation.

•Then the phone number will appear on the web page.

•You are required to take the number and dial the number to talk to the customer care executive of JetBlue Airlines.

•Now after following IVR steps, the appropriate level of the customer care executive will be there to assist the passenger with the issues, and they can generate the application to claim for compensation or any other way as the case may be.

2. Via online- the passenger can raise the compensation request via online mode also. Below mentioned ways would help the passenger to claim the compensation online.

•On the official website of the JetBlue airline, tap on the log-in option by entering the ticket number.

•Now the ticket will appear, and on that page, the claim compensation option will appear.

•To claim the compensation, the passenger needs to tap on that option to raise the compensation application.

JetBlue customer service phone number

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