Why perform digital parenting?

Today to bring up your child is become a difficult task in digital world. Parents are in the complicated situation they fulfill the social and psychological needs of their children’s in the modern era once the motivate their child to use social media to move with social life and also for education purpose but at the same they have a risk of negative effect of digital media. Parents continuously try to control the harmful impact of digital media usage toward their children. There is different kind of risk related to the digital media, inappropriate content, and risky communication with others.

Digital parenting

Digital parenting

Reason to perform digital parenting

You are parents you have right to authority on your child’s life. It’s true that technology have created so many difficulties for parents to control on children’s because digital world create the self-image and perspective of a child. Technology plays with our child because they spend more time with their mobile and have great influence of digital media.

Parents worries about children’s online activities

Life is now depending on digital media. Children’s spend a lot of their time in mobile and tab. So parents are worried about the activities of their children while spending a lot of time with social media. And try to minimize the harmful risk of digital media.

Parental access to their child’s digital activities

Parents are always worried about their children’s activities and their social engagement. They want to get know about all activities where the child is busy constantly. Parents cannot force their child to share all activities especially link in with social media. And never rule and limit of their child behavior.

Security and safety

Use a lot of social media it increase the worries for parents towards their children’s the harmful effect of digital media and share inappropriate data. Online risks including viruses and malware, identity fraud, predators, and catfishing. Parents want to secure their child with any risk and safe them.

Balance life between child and digital media.

Digital media in on rise, there is no prediction to minimize the trend of digital media. Parents want their child live a happy and balanced life with family and society without involved any false activity, therefore they want to supervise their child and get access on all the activities especially link with social media.

How to perform digital parenting

Parents should educated according to the need of time because parents cannot force their children to behave like they want and they do what they want because social media have more influence on child mind more than parents. So parents know the tools to get access their child phone secretly.

Get some of superb way to know about all of the activities of a child. Monitoring technology is a way to check and balance towards your child’s engagement on social media and mobile phone.

Install TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring app

TheOneSpy is a mobile/computer tracking application


Call recording

Through this application can record voice call on different social media apps.

Record phone screen

This app also able to record mobile phone screen and screen shorts also the screen video.

Listen/ record calls

TheOneSpy can record and listen the calls without disturbing the call.

Track the SMS

Through this application can get access the incoming and outgoing SMS of target mobile.

Track the contacts

All contacts which is saved in target phone can get access and also able to save new numbers and delete any contact.

Track GPS location

TheOneSpy can track the current GPS location of target person.

Record and Listen surrounding sound

It makes able to listen the surrounding sound and also record.

Access browsing detail

It can get the all browsing history of targeted phone.

Retrieved the delete media

Through this app creates a backup system to retrieve all material saved in mobile.

Controlled installed apps

TheOneSpy remotely control the apps installed in mobile phone

Lock and unlock device

The mobile trackers app is also lock and unlocks the target mobile without taking mobile into your custody.

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