The Legal Ramifications of Posting Your Opinions on Weblogs

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At issue here is whether blog owners can be sued for the comments their visitors make and how far the outing of "trade secrets" extends in the legal sense. If Aaron loses this case, or cannot pursue it, the floodgates will open and I suspect that sites across the web will be forced to take down their negative commentary on the methods and practices of larger companies. Free speech in this instance must be protected, or the web's ability to freely criticize organizations will suffer.

Traffic Power (also known as 1p or FirstPlace) is without doubt one of the most ineffective and scam-ridden companies in the SEO industry. I've talked with their reps on the phone several times and watched their process in action. I have clients who've used their services and been banned & penalized by the engines and I've got copies of the pages and ads TP made on my hard drive as evidence. There can be no question that Aaron's comments and those of his visitors are perfectly within their rights. To help out, please visit the donation page at SEOBook.



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