4 Essential Things To Consider Before You Add an ADU In Your Backyard!

add an ADU (Accessories Dwelling Unit) in your backyard

Thus, to avoid these pitfalls, it’s essential to analyze some valid things first. What are those factors? Continue reading to know!

Consider These 4 Factors Before You Add An ADU (Accessories Dwelling Unit) In Your Backyard!

By doing some research and consulting with a general contractor, you can avoid some costly construction mistakes. Here are factors you need to examine before building your granny flat:

1. The Eligibility Of Your Property For An ADU

If you are considering building an ADU on your property, your first step should be checking the eligibility of the lot. You will have to ensure it follows all the local development standards, including density, height, rear and side setbacks, and utility easements.

2. Think If You Want An Attached Or Detached ADU

There are a few types of ADUs based on their construction. You can build your unit attached to your property or detached from it. You can also go for a garage conversion. In that case, you will need to consider your car's parking space. Thus, it’s best to consult an expert before you start planning to add an ADU (Accessories Dwelling Unit) in your backyard.

3. Drainage And Soil Issues

Do you have any drainage issues? If your answer is yes, first you will have to rectify those problems. The last thing your ADU occupant wants is water pooling around the dwelling unit. It is also advisable to take precautions if you are building on spoiled soil.

4. The Cost Of Building A Granny Flat

Accessory units typically require a six-figure investment. So, it’s best to give your financial situation a thought before reaching out to a contractor. Among all the options, garage conversions are the most affordable.

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