Cable Lateral Raise | How to Perform Full Guide

able Lateral Raise -

If you want to huge and rounder shoulder then you should add this exercise to your workout don't forget to do this exercise. know more about this exercise.

Workout Details (Cable Lateral Raise)

Focusing Primary Muscle - Lateral Deltoid

Secondary Involving Muscle - Anterior Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Middle and Lower Trapezius, and Serratus Anterior

Exercise Type - Isolation

Pull / Push-Pull

How to Perform (Cable Lateral Raise)

Stand from the side in front of a low cable pulley, holding the rope cable in the hand far away from the machine.

and your other hand place on the hip for the support. as shown in the picture

slightly Bend further a little at the hips.

move your hand up and down


by Keep, your elbow is Normally bent, breath out as you raise the cable rope away from the pulley until your elbow is shoulder height.

Hold it and count of two to three seconds.

Breath in as you lower the cable rope to the starting position by controlling your hand.

Repeat this exercise for the maximum number of repetitions.

and Repeat the exercise with your opposite arm.

Suggestions and Tips

Keep your torso still, your back straight, and your elbow should be normally bent.

Try to resist the lower phase of the repetition.

Placing your free hand on your hip rather than holding on to something for support forces the recruitment of more muscles for impaction.

As with all one-sided exercises, start the one-arm lateral raise with your weak side,

and never do more reps with your strong side.


Don't forget to use a safety belt for your stomach.

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