Safety Valve Manufacturer in Italy

Safety Valve Manufacturer in Italy

What is Safety Valve and its Uses?

Safety valves act as a fail safe which designed to control the pressure in the system. An example for Safety Valve is pressure relief valve, which automatically release a pressure from a boiler, Pressure Vessel, or in the other type when the pressure exceeds preset limits. Pilot-Operated relief valve. A leak tight, lower cost, Single emergency use option would be a rupture disk. The safety valves were first developed to use in Steam boilers during the Industrial Revolution. Early boilers operating without them were prone to explosion unless carefully operated.

Some of the Safety Valves used in industries:

- Steam safety valve

- Pressure safety valve

- Thermal safety valve

- Vacuum Safety Valve

- Low lift Safety Valve

- Full Lift Safety Valve

- Conventional Safety Relief Valve

- Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve


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