How to Reset my Zebra Printer to Factory Settings?

How Can I Reset my Zebra Printer to Factory Resetting?

When you use any printer beyond the limit after some time, it slows down the working. Most of the problems get resolved by performing a factory reset. You can reset your Zebra printer to factory sitting if your problem is getting frequent day by day.

Zebra Printer Factory Reset Process

You can follow the simple steps below to reset your Zebra printer all by yourself:

1. Firstly, turn your printer off.

2. Press and hold the button PAUSE + FEED. While holding these keys, you can turn your printer on.

3. Now check the light on the printer; if it's blinking, you can release the POWER key only.

4. Hold the Button POWER+FEED until the indicator indicates solid green.

5. Now, some blank labels will feed the printer after some time, which shows that the factory reset is done correctly.

Zebra Printer Troubleshooting
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