Why is Automotive Tinting a Good Service for Your Car?

It isn’t easy to protect yourself from the intense heat in the Philippines, especially as summer rolls in. Even your car is not immune to the harsh rays of the sunlight. But there’s only one thing that can help: automotive tinting.

Different types of automotive tinting

Car tints have been around since the 1960s, first emerging as a dye-based film that, unfortunately, didn’t provide much protection. But the technology used to make these tints has significantly advanced since, and there’s now a wide range of options for different requirements:

Dyed window tints

The most common option until today, dyed window tints are known for their affordability. But there’s one drawback: They don’t stand against heat as much as other films. In addition, dyed tints are more prone to scratching and fading.

Metalisedwindow tints

A much newer alternative, metalisedwindow tints were designed to keep UV rays out through reflective technology. They are often embedded with metal microparticles to strengthen your windows and reduce the risk of scratches and shattering.

Carbon window tints

, only this time, its carbon rather than metal microparticles. [D1]

Carbon window tints are great at reflecting and insulating heat, keeping your car warm during colder months!

Ceramic window tints

The latest feat of automotive tinting technology is the ceramic window tint, known for its ability to reduce UV light by up to 99%. In addition, these films are better at reducing glare and resisting surface-level damage.

The benefits of automotive tinting

It’s importantto understand that getting car tints for your car is vitalwith the passingtime. The sun is showing no signs of reducing its intensity anytime soon, and you must protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation that can cause various eye diseases and skin conditions.

On top of that, automotive tints can help protect your car from all sorts of damage, including fading upholstery and shattered glass. In a country like the Philippines, where thousands of car theft cases occur each year; the safety of your vehicle, belongings, and family is of utmost importance.

Buy your car window tints from a reliable supplier today!

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