Creating and Improving Your Personal Hygiene Routine

The ways you care for yourself determine your overall health, wellness, confidence and happiness. Some of the side effects of poor hygiene include greasy skin or body odor and can lead to many more serious medical conditions. Additionally, not taking care of yourself can negatively impact your social and professional standing. Here are some key areas to focus on for getting better at keeping yourself clean, healthy and put together.

Hands and Nails

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Trimming your fingernails and toenails once a week allows you to maintain a clean and polished appearance while also reducing the chance of broken, jagged edges or hangnails that can catch on skin and clothing and cause damage. Just be careful and don’t trim them too closely to the skin, or you may wind up with an infection or an ingrown toenail.

Mouth, Teeth and Tongue

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Pits and Bits

While you may be in the habit of showering daily, unless you have a very dirty job, you don’t need to scrub your entire body with body wash every single time. Stripping your skin of its natural oils can be detrimental to your health eventually, so it’s totally acceptable to wash your armpits and genitals and go about your day.

You don’t necessarily need to use an abrasive sponge or washcloth each time you shower. Your hands are perfect tools for applying and lathering your soap products. However, if you do like a loofa, be sure to replace it once a month to prevent introducing bacteria buildup to your body when you scrub.

Don’t forget to moisturize. Especially if you shower and shave daily using soap, your skin may dehydrate very quickly, leaving you feeling dry and itchy. Applying lotion as part of your daily routine can help prevent you from scratching and damaging your skin.

Hair and Scalp

Whether or not you wash your hair every day depends on your personal body chemistry, but when your scalp starts to feel oily and itchy, it’s time to grab the shampoo. Unless you have a ton of hair, you only need a small amount, and you only need to apply it to your scalp, not the full length of your hair. In contrast, if you use conditioner, apply it to the length and not the scalp.


Wearing makeup is great for your confidence, but because it harbors harmful germs and bacteria, keeping your makeup application and removal process clean is essential. Using dirty makeup brushes can cause your skin to react and break out. Using a mild shampoo to clean them keeps your products and your face clean. Additionally, be sure to remove your makeup before bed to prevent clogged pores.

The key to good hygiene is organization and regimentation. Once you establish and get comfortable with the basics of your personal care routine, you can expand your practice according to your desires and comfort levels.

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