5 Reasons Why A Cyber Security Degree Is Worth It

cybersecurity degree online

There is high demand and short supply

Cyber-attacks are more prevalent to individuals and companies in this digital era. However, the niche is not well exploited, and there is a deficit. According to experts, 82% of employers report a shortage of skilled cyber security experts.

And about 71% of them know that the deficit causes damage to their organizations. Additionally, as per the cybersecurity workforce study, there is a worldwide shortage of 4.07 million cyber security experts. And to match the demand, the global workforce needs to grow by 145%.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When you think of the return on investment on a cyber security degree, it appears positive. The average cost is $6,826 at a public university or $28,890 at a private college outside the US. However, the current salaries for information security (InfoSec) are higher compared to other professions.

For example, an InfoSec analyst earns an average of $98,350. However, the lowest earned by these experts is $56,750 and the highest $156,580. So, if you pursue the degree at an affordable university, a beginner's salary might offset your costs.

Enviable Proficiency

What if you enrolled for a cyber security degree online due to the demand? And you are excited about the salary. The question is, will these jobs still be there five years to come? Although a degree is no guarantee, there is a possibility.

It is due to the rapid growth of this sector, and reports foretell it will continue. It predicted a 32% growth of InfoSec jobs by 2028. So, with the other sector's job growth expectations at 5%, the cyber security future looks brighter.

You Gain Must Have Skills

cyber security degree

● Data security – Helps you handle incidents that violate security policies.

● Security risk assessment-To be an efficient expert; you need to know how to evaluate and control risk.

● Audit and security compliance-You need to be well versed in conducting a security audit to detect defects.

Variety cyber jobs

In this field, there are many niches. And this makes it easy to match a job with your passion and skill set. Here are some of the job titles:

● White hat hacker - this is an ethical hacker. These pros try to beat illegal hackers at their game.

● Security architect-security architects design and build secure systems.

● Digital forensic analyst -Cyber Criminals may leave a trail. The digital forensics experts track this evidence down.

● Security software developers-Develop tools to curb potential threats like viruses, other kinds of malware.

● Information security analysts - They take care of the company's computer networks.

● Cryptographers- they convert readable data into a masked code keeping it protected, intact, and secret.

So, is a cyber security degree important? Yes. And with low supply to demand of these pros makes it a promising career. So, now you can choose your perfect major and pursue it.

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