The Healthy Traveler - Health Tips for the World Wanderer

I am often on the move for work and found that the constant plane travel caused a bit of wear and tear on my general health. 1. Stay hydrated. Even if you have to get up to go to the bathroom multiple times during the flight, drink water. Avoid sugary drinks and stick to plain water. I have found that adding lemon to my water helps me feel refreshed and hydrated. 2. Make sleep a priority. I try to bring lavender scented fabrics with me to help me sleep regardless of the time zone. Turn off the TV, don't buy the WiFi, and simply SLEEP. 3. Snack smart. Airline food - or worse, airport food, - is not the most nutritious option for a traveller. Try to pack home made trails mix filled with nuts and dried fruit. Just remember to dispose of it before going through customs if you're traveling internationally. I once had a police dog jump on my carry on because I had an apple from the UK! 4. Vitamins. There are plenty of supplements for you to take to help you steer clear of travel sickness. Airborne and Emergen-C are great sources of vitamins and all you need is water! 5. Pace yourself. It has taken me a few years of traveling for work to realize that I can take my time. Granted, if I'm rushing to catch a train it is a completely different story, but in the airport I make sure to go to the restroom to wash my face and get ready to face the real world again. Happy Travels!

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