Journalism and Mass Communication Course Highlights

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1. As journalism and mass communication bachelor's degree is a 3-year program, it teaches the students not just the theory but technical and social part of the industry as well. The students come across different subjects like entertainment, culture, sports et cetera to get an idea of how they can bring the selected and right information to the common public.

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3. There are different elective courses that are developed specifically for students to enhance their general knowledge regarding different fields like human resources, fashion, communication, leadership, team building, entrepreneur development, event management, etc. The course can also include computer education depending upon the college you choose.

4. Most of the colleges that are really good at providing journalism and mass communication education to the students arrange a time to time seminars and workshops for the students which are supervised by industry experts. This gives students a chance to communicate with people who have years of experience working in the mass communication industry. When you are looking at features of a college, make sure to read about the number of workshops and seminars that will be included in the program.

BA in journalism and mass communication

In the present times, journalism and mass communication have seen arise vacancies. As media companies are emerging, people there are looking for employees with the degree in journalism and mass communication. So if you get admission in this degree, then in three years when you pass out you will have abundant job opportunities in form of campus placements or you can look for or a job ab of your interest easily.

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