What is the difference between Hybrid and Native Apps?

Hybrid apps are web apps that load in a mobile browser and use the device’s web browser to render their content. They can be written in HTML and CSS and loaded with any JavaScript library to provide rich features like push notifications or offline support.

Native apps are typically coded in Objective-C, Java, Swift, C++, etc. The code is compiled into a binary format that can be executed on the device without ever having to leave the operating system.

Hybrid apps offer many advantages over native apps such as ease of porting, providing offline access, and native functionality such as push notifications or location services without requiring an API from the OS manufacturer.

A native app is an application that is developed for a specific operating system, such as iOS for use on an iPhone or Android for use on an Android phone. The codebase of a native app is written in the same programming language as the operating system.

The hybrid app enables cross-platform development. It allows developers to create one codebase with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript that will work on multiple platforms.

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