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Dustless Duct and other air duct cleaning firms provide a selection of professional duct cleaning equipment designed to clean your air ducts and make them a better living environment in your house. Cleaning your air ducts every three to five years is recommended, while two to three years may be a great time for the best effects and upkeep.

The Different Types Of Air Duct Cleaning Methods are Described

Cleaning air ducts has been practiced since the twentieth century. Methods, technology, and standards have evolved.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your air duct system is critical for keeping contaminants out of your home and providing you with safe, high-quality breathable air. The air quality in your house has a significant impact on the health of your family. Maintaining cleanliness, especially now, will reduce your chances of becoming unwell and weakening your immune system.

Removal of the source

Source removal is perhaps the most popular and highly recommended method of cleaning air ducts. This mechanically cleans your system by removing dirt and particles that have built up over time. These particles tend to cling or stick to the interiors of your air ducts statically. Mechanical agitation does nothing more than dislodge dust and other foreign objects from the walls of your HVAC system and air ducts. Extraction is the process of safely removing the particles from your system.

Cleaning Air Ducts Using Steam

This type of air duct cleaning uses a wand to agitate and dislodge particles, dirt, and debris attached to your vent walls by releasing high-pressure, high-temperature steam into the duct system. However, because modern HVAC systems rely on electric components for greater efficiency, steam cleaning is not suggested on these newer systems because moisture will cause harm. Duct Cleaning Melton will provide you duct cleaning in Melton city.

Cleaning Services for Air Ducts

air duct cleaning.

How Do Professionals Clean Air Ducts?

Pre-inspection is the first step.

The air duct professional will inspect the duct system after arriving at your home. Examining all ductwork access points, assessing their condition (by peering inside), and determining the best cleaning method for your home. Cleaning will begin when the ductwork has been checked.

Step 2: Negative Pressure & Debris Removal in the Air Duct Cleaning Process;

Negative air pressure in the air ducts is necessary to ensure that dust, grime, and other particles do not move throughout the house and end up in the vacuum collection unit. After establishing this, the expert will begin agitating the ductwork's walls, removing contaminants such as duct, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and other yucky stuff caught on the walls.

Step 3: Inspection of the final walk-through.

The air ducts must be inspected again after they have been cleaned to ensure that nothing has been missed and that the ducts have been thoroughly cleaned. You should now have a better idea of how air duct cleaning works.

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